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In Greece, the population of people over 60 is estimated at 24.7%. We must make the everyday lives of the elderly easier. They have the inalienable right to a dignified life and to physical and mental well-being. They have the right to personalized care and high-quality treatment. Within the framework of their rights, we take care of their free transportation to our place to provide them with the appropriate dental care. At Creta Dental, we offer a full X-ray check to ensure the detection of even the most minor dental problems. Using state-of-the-art medical equipment, we aim to maintain or restore oral health.

The Feeling of Being Secure

Qualified nurses ensure perfect hygiene conditions, and the space and tools are properly disinfected and sterilized. Our team of renowned scientists treats each patient individually, methodically, and carefully, drawing up a treatment plan and building a mutual relationship of trust. Our experienced doctors and specialized staff are by your side from the first appointment, available for any clarification or support. They ensure a climate of safety and security, ensuring a pleasant dental experience.

Medical Problems

Common dental problems that elderly people may face include:

Gum diseases: Gingivitis is a common dental problem in the elderly. Plaque
accumulation on the teeth leads to gingivitis, which, in the long term, without proper treatment, can lead to tooth loss. Elderly people are exposed to gum disease due to medication and hormonal changes.

Tooth decay: Another common ailment of the elderly is tooth decay, which wears down the teeth. Bacteria produce acid that erodes tooth enamel. Again, medication can affect the appearance of caries.

Tooth loss: Elderly people may lose teeth due to periodontal disease. Gum tissue is pulled away from the tooth, exposing the root, which allows bacteria to accumulate and cause inflammation and decay.

Dry mouth: Elderly people often experience dry mouth due to medical conditions, pharmacotherapy, etc. Less saliva is produced, which protects the teeth from wear and helps the gums stay healthy.

Creta DentalAlways Close to you

Dentures, medications, and the general state of health affect oral health. Creta Dental is by the side of our older patients, and with exceptional partners, it ensures that pain issues belong to the past. In collaboration with specialist partners offers holistic dental care to our beloved elderly. Treat oral problems by focusing on all aspects of health.

  • We ensure your safe transportation to our clinic without a financial burden on the
  • We welcome you with pleasure and accompany you throughout your treatment.
  • Doctors with many years of experience provide high-quality medical services.

Dental Implants

Creta Dental is  the largest implant center on Crete. More than 1000 implants have been placed since the beginning of its operation. The internationally renowned Professor of EKPA Stratis Papazoglou and the leading nationwide orthodontist Dr. Costas Psomaderis, Director of Err.Dunant operate in our Clinic.

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Our Clinic is fully equipped for perfect root canal therapy by our specialists! Our microscope allows for ideal magnification in this difficult field that requires attention to every detail. Our devices, including the tooth apex locator, meet your personalized needs

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According to surveys, more than 2/3 of adults over 35 years of age suffer from periodontitis without knowing it. In its early form, periodontitis appears as gingivitis. In the case of periodontitis, the exacerbated form of gingivitis, inflammation is not limited to the gums, but expands and causes the destruction of the supporting bones, resulting in unstable teeth that eventually fall.

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Cosmetic Dentristry

Whatever you Dream about your Smile, we are here to make it Happen! Specialized Dentists, the Highest Quality Materials and the most Modern Laboratiories are here in our Clinic for your Disposal.

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Tooth whitening is one of the most popular processes in aesthetic dentistry. It is a completely safe, low-cost process which helps to change the color of the teeth, significantly improving their aesthetic appearance.

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Peditriatric Dentistry

We start building towards healthy teeth in the very first years of our life. Unfortunately, as statistics indicate, many parents in Greece are not familiar with this. In spite of awareness campaigns about the importance of correct oral hygiene for children (pedodontics), research shows that four out of five children do not brush their teeth daily, and four out of five teenagers aged 15 have at least 3 teeth with cavities.

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