Manolis Petros


Petros Manolis, from a young age, dreamed of becoming a dentist. He realized his dream and practices it with love and patience. He has worked and apprenticed alongside renowned dental surgeons and orthodontists. The experience he has gained ranks him among esteemed professionals, with empathy and primarily concerned with patient care.

Based in Creta Dental, Petros Manolis has managed to establish himself as a respected professional in his field. He gained valuable experience at the Smile Aesthetics clinic in aesthetic dentistry, delivering smiles of high aesthetic quality.

He collaborates with the pan-European famous and recognized Orthodontic Specialist Fotis Exarchou, applying the technique of Invisible Orthodontics, suitable for children and adults.

His philosophy is based on the complete care of his patients, explaining in detail the procedures and treatments, while simultaneously focusing on personal approach and their comfort. He is approachable and available for questions or concerns, offering his experience to ensure the health and well-being of his patients’ mouths.

His further training is continuously enhanced by attending seminars and conferences organized by Dental Associations in Greece since 2013. He has participated in workshops and symposiums related to Orthodontics, Implantology, and Facial Aesthetics. His resume would not be complete without publications in scientific journals.

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