Lydia Tsiorva

Portrait of Dr. Lydia Tsirová, professional prosthodontist and implantologist, smiling in her clinic uniform.

Lydia Tsiorva, upon graduating from her recognized school, began her intensive apprenticeship at top clinics specialized in prosthodontics and implantology, such as the Center of Smile Design Clinic and Swedent Clinic. In this environment, Lydia developed a deep technical understanding and skill, as well as genuine experience in the field.

Her embedded love for aesthetic dentistry drove her to expand her knowledge by completing the advanced and accredited program ‘From Basic to Advanced Contemporary Prosthodontics’. Her participation in this program emerged as an exceptional opportunity for academic development and professional empowerment.

As a collaborator at the pioneering dental clinic AthenaSmile Pelekanos, Lydia evolved even further. There, her knowledge in implantology soared, in pre-prosthetic treatment with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF process), as well as in the advanced aesthetics of the perioral area externally with the use of Botox, uniting medical experience with aesthetic innovation.

Her relentless passion for the field led her to Italy, where she completed a significant postgraduate education in the field of Prosthodontics, successfully combining it with her work. This experience enhanced her skills, adding an international dimension to her clinical practice.

Lastly, strongly supporting technology, Lydia uses the most modern methods in her Dental Opsis clinic for prosthodontics and implantology. The clinic’s fully digital workflow reflects Lydia’s dedicated interest in innovation and exceptional patient care.

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