George Georgopoulos

Dr. George Georgopoulos posing confidently in his dental clinic wearing a white lab coat.

In the vibrant city of Rethymno, Dr. George Georgopoulos, the visionary founder of Creta Dental Clinic, personifies the pinnacle of dental care excellence. His dream, conceived during his studies at the Dental School of Athens, has been brought to life, manifesting as a clinic that exemplifies advanced dental services and high-quality patient care.

Dr. Georgopoulos’s love and relentless pursuit of perfection are evident in every aspect of the clinic, from its specialized services to the meticulously chosen technology. However, his contributions extend beyond the clinic’s walls. Embracing a core value of social responsibility, he aims to develop the clinic’s philanthropic activities, beginning with a successful voluntary blood donation event in November 2023.

Away from the clinic, Dr. Georgopoulos might be found enjoying his free time with his beloved dogs, running along the beach, or participating in local marathons, further strengthening his bond with the Rethymno community. Visit Creta Dental Clinic for a dental care experience where excellence is always the priority.

Male undergoing a dental procedure using high-tech equipment in a modern dental clinic.

State-of-the-Art Dental Care in Action at Our Clinic.

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