Oral Examination and Diagnosis: 50€ (discounted if continues in treatment)

Panoramic x-ray free in our records

Panoramic x-ray extracted and sent: 50€

Periapical x-ray: 30€

Dental Cleaning

Cleaning – (1 visit): 60€

Gingivitis treatment (2 visits): 100€

Periodontic cleaning with periodologist: 100€

Perio chart: 50€

Periodontic therapy: 100€ (pockets up to 5 mm) – 200€/visit


Composite Filling: 50-80€ (Depends on the part of the tooth missing)

Endodontic Treatment (root canal treatment)

Endodontic treatment: 200€

Endodontic treatment with the use of microscope: 300€

Endodontic retreatment: 300€

Endodontic treatment from endodontologist: 330€


Basic: 50€

Wisdom tooth: 80€

Surgical extraction: 100€

Surgical extraction (maxillofacial surgeon): 200€


Implant placement (Paltop): 500€- 950€

Basic package: 500€

Surgent with international status: +200€

Five years clinic guarantee: +100€

Full Computer Guided: +150€

Implant placement (Straumann): 650€ – 1100€

Sinus lift: 1000€ – Bone augmentation: 500€ –  Bone preservation: 300€

Prosthetic by Prosthetologist with 5-year guarantee

Temporary crowns and bridges: 80-120€/tooth

Endodontic Post: 100€

Inlays/Onlays: 300€

PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns or bridges: 300€/tooth

Monolithic zirconium crowns or bridges: 330€/tooth

Porcelain crowns or veneers (e-max) (aesthetic): 400€/tooth

Overimplant crown: 400- 650€

Basic package: 400€

Full ceramic, no metal: +150€

Technology CAD-CAM: +100€

Using temporary overimplant crown: +150€

Partial-Full Dentures: 1000€

Aesthetic Dentistry by Aesthetic Dentist with 5-year guarantee

Tooth whitening  (in office treatment/ home bleaching or combination): 300€

Bonding (direct composite veneers) free hand: 150€/tooth

Bonding (direct composite veneers) using mock up technique: 180€/tooth

Digital wax up: 30€/tooth

Porcelain veneers: 400€/tooth