Technology is our ally

Our clinic is fully equipped for perfect root canal therapy by our specialists! Our microscope allows for ideal magnification in this difficult field that requires attention to every detail. Our devices, including the tooth apex locator, meet your personalized needs

Choose only the best for yourself

Our doctors’ perfectionism is the greatest guarantee of the final result! In such a demanding sector of dentistry, where failure is frequent, we leave nothing to chance.

“Does root canal therapy hurt?”

A damaged tooth that needs root canal therapy may cause you a lot of pain at home. In our clinic you will immediately get rid of the pain. Root canal therapy will help you. In the hands of our specialists it is completely painless and, if necessary, local anesthesia may be performed.

Keep your root-canal treated teeth for many years

“I don’t want to go through root canal therapy, because I’m afraid I’ll lose my tooth”

There is a widespread belief that root-canal treated teeth end up being extracted. A tooth that requires root canal treatment is a source of mouth and jaw infections that may affect systemic circulation. To avoid any tooth loss, your teeth should be protected with appropriate restoration personalized by our specialists to meet your specific needs! Whether you need direct restoration, inlays or onlays (crowns), our doctors will find the ideal solution with you.

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