EMS AIRFLOW: The Future in Teeth Cleaning

EMS AIRFLOW: The Future in Teeth Cleaning

The scientific team at Creta Dental is always at the forefront of technological innovations aimed at providing high standards of oral care and oral health. Enhance your smile too with EMS AIRFLOW, the teeth cleaning device that guarantees unsurpassed results in cleanliness and shine.

EMS AIRFLOW: The ultimate machine for teeth cleaning

It is about the new innovative treatment Guided Biofilm Therapy. With the high-tech EMS AIRFLOW machine, we are talking about a painless treatment that removes the harmful plaque (biofilm) from the teeth and gums. It prevents gum disease (periodontitis) and caries.

Biofilm is a colony of bacteria that is not entirely visible on the teeth with the naked eye. Bacteria thrive in the mouth and feed on the foods we consume, especially sugar. They convert it into acids that cause tooth decay (caries). The gums and bones, as is well known, hold the teeth in place. However, bacteria can destroy these supporting structures, as well as the teeth. For this reason, the Swiss company EMS developed the GBT treatment to maintain the health of the teeth. The GBT treatment is a clinical protocol that guarantees high-quality treatment. It is a combination of dental cleaning in the dental office with proper oral hygiene at home.

The GBT treatment is carried out with the EMS AIRFLOW machine, a high-tech method that eliminates plaque and bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth and gums, providing a deep and effective cleaning that is almost impossible to achieve with traditional cleaning means. Moreover, the process is extremely painless, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive gums and teeth.

EMS AIRFLOW: The Technology & The Cleaning Process

It is based on 8 therapeutic steps.


The teeth cleaning process with the said machine begins with a thorough examination of the mouth by our specialized dentists. Then, the GBT treatment makes the biofilm visible by using a purple dye on teeth and gums, which reveals the areas where plaque and bacteria have accumulated the most. Once visible, the machine, with a combination of air, powder, and pressurized water (degrees Celsius), completely removes the biofilm, stains, and tartar easily, quickly, without pain, protecting the surfaces of the teeth and gums. The treatment is fast, painless, safe, and provides a pleasant sensation. It deviates from conventional dental hygiene methods. With EMS’s AIRFLOW and the PIEZON PS No PAIN devices, all that is needed is water, air, and AIRFLOW PLUS powder to combat the harmful biofilm and achieve a sparkling smile.

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