Our History

We started Creta Dental with a lot of love, passion and ambition so today you will be able to:

Be here for making the best out of your Smile!

We created the appropriate conditions for the operation and development of a model dental clinic where:

Specialized & Experienced staff

State-of-the-art equipement & technology

Knowledge and Constant training

Coordinated working Group

We Took the risk to try different collaborations and we managed to successsfully created a stable team of Specialist Dentists, which ensures the complete treatment of every dental need, studied and adapted to the measures and special needs of our clients.

Today, with a “Knit” team of colleagues, but also external collaborators with professionalism, common vision, way of thinking and operating, in a well-organized and properly staffed Dental Clinic, we are able to provide a wide range of services such as:


Aesthetic Dentistry







We have always been concerned with keeping up to date with the latest medical developments, investing, whenever needed, in both human resources and equipment, with ultimate goal of having the best possible results for each of our clients individually.

We do not compromise with the necessary satisfactory!

We aim for the best we can, so you can continue to

Be here for making the best out of your Smile!

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