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    The largest dental team of specialists in Crete welcomes you in Rethymnon. It will create your file with history, photos, x-rays and all your condition fully recorded and always accessible.

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    At Creta Dental you will find in our area all the dental services that you may need. Always guided by the best provision of dental care, the dental clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and assimilates the latest developments in dentistry, to have the best possible result with the least hassle.

    Our Services

We are here so you can Smile!

  1. Our Team will make you feel friendly and familiar from the first moment

    Eirini will welcome you to our Clinic and with her sweet smile you will feel straight away friendly and familiar. A cup of coffee and the soft music will make your wait more pleasant.

  2. At Creta Dental you will always have a complete Dental History file for accessing any time you need

    Our Goal is to provide you with full care exclusively for your needs, for this reason, any information or opinion we provide is recorded in your file for your needs.

  3. You will feel safe with our Specialized Team of Dentists and Staff

    All the Dentists at Creta Dental are highly specialized, postgraduated and with many years of experience. They will be ready at any time to help you providing high quality services.

  4. The complete and state-of-the-art equipment will reduce your hassle to a minimum

    In Creta Dental we use the most modern dental equipment of the latest technologies available which all meet CE Specifications.

  5. Advanced Dental Tecnhiques will give you the best possible results

    Achieving excellent results and treating patients confortably, effectively and above all painlessly and safely.

Our Principles

  • Provide the Best Possible Care to Everyone
  • Respect Special Needs  of our Patients
  • The Company is Governed by Transparency and Honesty
  • We Develop Individual for the Best Provision of Our Services
  • We Work As a Team Always for the Best Results

Details of the Services we OfferServices

Dental Implants

Creta Dental is  the largest implant center on Crete. More than 1000 implants have been placed since the beginning of its operation. The internationally renowned Professor of EKPA Stratis Papazoglou and the leading nationwide orthodontist Dr. Costas Psomaderis, Director of Err.Dunant operate in our Clinic.

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Our Clinic is fully equipped for perfect root canal therapy by our specialists! Our microscope allows for ideal magnification in this difficult field that requires attention to every detail. Our devices, including the tooth apex locator, meet your personalized needs

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According to surveys, more than 2/3 of adults over 35 years of age suffer from periodontitis without knowing it. In its early form, periodontitis appears as gingivitis. In the case of periodontitis, the exacerbated form of gingivitis, inflammation is not limited to the gums, but expands and causes the destruction of the supporting bones, resulting in unstable teeth that eventually fall.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whatever you Dream about your Smile, we are here to make it Happen! Specialized Dentists, the Highest Quality Materials and the most Modern Laboratiories are here in our Clinic for your Disposal.

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Tooth whitening is one of the most popular processes in aesthetic dentistry. It is a completely safe, low-cost process which helps to change the color of the teeth, significantly improving their aesthetic appearance.

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Pediatric Dentistry

We start building towards healthy teeth in the very first years of our life. Unfortunately, as statistics indicate, many parents in Greece are not familiar with this. In spite of awareness campaigns about the importance of correct oral hygiene for children (pedodontics), research shows that four out of five children do not brush their teeth daily, and four out of five teenagers aged 15 have at least 3 teeth with cavities.

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Aesthetic Treatments

Complete your wonderfull smile with facial beauty treatments. Botulinum toxin will eliminate most wrinkles, the use of hyaluronic acid will give the lost volume, mesotherapy will rejuvenate the skin and cleansing will make it glow. For all needs, there are solutions in Creta Dental.

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Do you want a glowing smile and straight denture directly?Invisalign®

Why Choose Invisalign;

Am I suitable for Invisalign? The answer is YES! With the Invisalign system you will fix misaligned teeth and poor bite without affecting your everyday life! Our patients continue their activities, play wind instruments, practice diving, continue training in sports without the risk of injury and … arrange their marriage! Continue to brush as usual, even using dental floss or electric toothbrush.

We are Simply the Best!Our Team

Our Dentists

Sandra Pokai Papachristos
Sandra Pokai Papachristos born and raised in New York, USA. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees in Periodontics from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine....
Eri Velaj
General Dentist
He has been working in our clinic since he was a student of Dentistry. It is constantly evolving at an exponential rate...
Kostas Psomaderis
Maxillofacial Surgeon
He is the Director of the 2nd Department of Oral & Maxilofacial Surgery at the Errikos Dunan Hospital Center in Athens...
Dantes Larentzakis
General Dentist
Grew up and Raized in Mytilene. Studied in Dental School of Thessaloniki and graduated on 2015...
Georgia Vourtsa
Scientific Director
She Graduated from the School of Dentistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, following by a 3-year postgraduate course in aesthetic dentistry...
George Georgopoulos
A high standard Dental Center in Rethymno has been his dream since the first year of his studies at the Athens School of Dentistry...

Who we areWhat makes us Different?

The numbers tell the truth!

We are a team so that you are never left alone!

With our Specialized Staff, State-of-the-Art technology and Continuous Training to perfection, for every of your problem we have the solution!

14371Patients Worldwide
7State of the art Dental Chairs & Equipment
8Specialized Dentists
10Nurses & Administrative Staff

Our Customers,What they say about Us

  • Absolutely fantastic. Service has been excellent all through my treatment program. Very professional yet friendly staff.

    thumb Jean Green
    22 July 2022

    We had a happening where one dent crak... We went there. They were so polite and give us appointment for the same day. The place and workers were so... read more

    thumb Sari Pihlström
    18 July 2022

    Its a really clean place and the people here are very nice!

    thumb J
    1 July 2022

    Absolutely fantastic. Service has been excellent all through my treatment program. Very professional yet friendly staff.

    thumb Jean Green
    1 July 2022
  • thumb ντηνα κοκκινου
    22 June 2022

    Its a really clean place and the people here are very nice!

    thumb G
    16 June 2022

    thumb Vaso Kougentaki
    22 May 2022

    thumb Μπ Αγ
    22 May 2022
  • thumb Lefteria Tsikoudaki
    13 May 2022

    Very good and friendly treatment. I have experience from myself several times as well as from my husband, son and daughter in law. I can only recommend the clinic. Lise

    thumb Lise Rasmussen
    12 May 2022

    thumb Χρυσή Μαρία Ντουροπολακη
    8 May 2022

    thumb Βάσια Καμπούρη
    5 May 2022

  • Είμαι απόλυτα ευχαριστημένος από την εξυπηρέτηση. !!!!

    thumb Kostis Chliaoutakis
    1 May 2022

    Πολυ ευχαριστημένη, επαγγελματίες!

    thumb Νικολέτα Κοντολαιμάκη
    30 April 2022

    thumb Dr Miyagi
    29 April 2022

    Πολύ εξυπηρετικοί και επαγγελματισμός σε αυτό που κάνουν

    thumb Chrisa Stag
    28 April 2022
  • Το προσωπικό είναι παρά πολύ βοηθητικό και εξυπηρετικό . Το κλίμα του ιατρείου είναι οικείο και κάνει την επίσκεψη ευχάριστη !!!

    thumb Σοφια Δημητρη
    28 April 2022

    thumb Αλέξανδρος Καμπούρης
    28 April 2022

    thumb Στέλιος Καρδερίνης
    22 April 2022

    thumb Gatorade YT
    21 April 2022
  • thumb B B
    20 April 2022

    thumb Iro P
    20 April 2022

    thumb Φώτιος Χατζηνικολάου
    15 April 2022

    12 April 2022
  • thumb Γ. Σ. Κ
    6 April 2022

    thumb niki dct
    1 April 2022

    Σασ ευχαριστω!!!

    thumb Nataliya Laferova
    30 March 2022

    thumb Γιαννης Μοτακης
    30 March 2022
  • thumb George Vamvoykas
    25 March 2022

    thumb Μανώλης Χαιδερακης
    25 March 2022

    thumb Aurel Sulejmani
    25 March 2022

    thumb Γιωργος Βλαστος
    25 March 2022

  • Εξαιρετική επαγγελματίες,άψογη εξυπηρέτηση!

    24 March 2022

    Όσο περνάει ο καιρός βελτιωνομεθα

    thumb Αλέξανδρος ΠΕΡΡΑΚΗΣ
    24 March 2022

    thumb Γαβριηλ Κλαδος
    24 March 2022

    thumb Natassa Zachariadi
    24 March 2022
  • Δεν ξέρω εάν υπάρχουν λόγια να περιγράψουν με ακρίβεια την υπέροχη εξυπηρέτηση στο οδοντιατρικο Κρήτης. Ως επαγγελματίες είναι άψογη, πολύ λεπτομερείς και σωστή στην δουλειά τους ο καθένας ξεχωριστά. Το πιο σημαντικό όμως κομμάτι είναι ότι είναι πάνω από όλα άνθρωποι. Είχα την μεγάλη τύχη να έχω ως γιατρό μου τον Ερι Βελαι. Δεν έχω τι να πω ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΟΣ. Είχα αρκετό πόνο δεν μπορούσα να κοιμηθώ. Έπρεπε να κάνω εξαγωγή του φρονιμίτη. Ο γιατρός μου εξήγησε με πολύ υπομονή και λεπτομέρεια τι ακριβώς μπορούσαμε να κάνουμε, όσες φορές έκανε κάποια εργασία μου εξηγούσε ακριβώς τι έκανε και για ποιον λόγο. Ήταν πάρα πολύ προσεκτικός και δεν ένιωσα σχεδόν τίποτα. Έβγαλε τον φρονιμίτη χωρίς να καταλάβω. Σπουδαία δουλειά και εξαιρετικός, ευχαρίστως άνθρωπος. Η Ελεανα καταπληκτική... Σας ευχαριστώ.

    thumb Vasso bici
    15 March 2022

    thumb Eleni Dokimaki
    10 March 2022

    thumb ελενη λιανερακη
    8 March 2022

    thumb sarantos fraros
    5 March 2022

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